Thursday, June 5, 2008

Catch the Reading Bug!

Catch the Reading Bug @ the Bookmobile this Summer!

Are your children and teens looking for something to do this summer? The Library System of Lancaster County has the answer with their 2008 Summer Reading Program. “Catch the Reading Bug” is the children’s theme for the 2008 Pennsylvania Summer Reading Program; while “Metamorphosis” is the teen theme. Both programs begin on June 1st and will run until August 9, 2008. Programs will focus on the science of bugs and insects, as well as the theme of insects found in stories that appeal to youth. The PRINCESS from Dutch Wonderland will also return for special storytelling programs. From tots to teens, young people will enjoy fun-filled activities offered at public libraries throughout the county beginning in June and running until mid-August.

Highlights for this year’s library programs

Miss Spider Storybook Costume Character

kicks off the Summer Reading Program the first week in June!

Bugs and Moose Out on the Loose!

Tom Sieling presents a very participatory family program for all ages—He accompanies himself on guitar, banjo, harmonica and a drum machine!

Books and Bugs and Really Weird Slugs

Join Award-winning Pennsylvania children’s author Anthony D. Fredericks for a rip-roaring and exciting storytelling program. Be prepared for lots of fun!

Share This World with Jim Rule

Join Parent’s Choice Award winning recording artist and teacher when he performs his toe tapping tunes that will have both young and old smiling and singing along!

Anansi Catches the Storytelling Bug

Lancaster County’s own Kids and Cultures presents a mixture of storytelling and with audience participation – find out how Anansi becomes the Storytelling Bug!

The PRINCESS of Dutch Wonderland

shares her love of reading when she visits local libraries to meet all the lords, ladies, princesses and princes of Lancaster and read her favorite stories!

Beyond Bugs!

The North Museum of Natural History & Science presents an interactive program complete with learning stations, specimens and more!

From Edible Insects to The Good, The Bad and The Bugly!

Join staff from Shuts Environmental Center for their many hands-on bug-exploring library programs!.

The 2008 countywide Summer Reading Program is open to children and teens of all ages. Program components include 3 levels: Read Aloud Program (birth-5 years), Elementary Reading Program (ages 6-12), and the Teen Summer Reading Program (ages 13-18).

In addition to the Library System’s sponsorship, this year’s Summer Reading Program sponsors include: McDonald’s Restaurants, The Strasburg Rail Road, Dutch Wonderland Family Amusement Park, Country Barn Farm Market & Greenhouses, Harrisburg Senators, Lancaster Bowling Proprietors Association, Rita’s Ices, Isaac’s Restaurant & Deli, and the Lancaster Ice Rink.

Last year over 16,121 youth participated in the summer reading program, while nearly 13,142 children and adults attended the 652 programs offered by the county’s public libraries. Contact your local public library for more summer reading program information and to register for these programs and others or visit our website at for more information about these summertime happenings!


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