Friday, August 31, 2007

Bookmobile staff: Becky & Ed

As if you didn't already know what we looked like!

New Fiction @ the Bookmobile

  • Catch a rising star // Bateman, Tracey Victoria
  • Force of nature //Brockmann, Suzanne
  • Play dirty //Brown, Sandra
  • The king in yellow//Chambers, Robert W.
  • Critical // Cook, Robin
  • Agnes & the hitman//Crusie, Jennifer
  • Sweet revenge //Davidson, Diane Mott
  • Waking with enemies//Dickey, Eric Jerome
  • Book of Daniel //Doctorow, E. L.
  • Power play//Finder, Joseph
  • Spook country//Gibson, William
  • Woman in red//Goudge, Eileen
  • Sandworms of Dune //Herbert, Brian
  • The dead don't lie //Kaminsky, Stuart M.
  • Burnt house // Kellerman, Faye
  • Devil may cry // Kenyon, Sherrilyn
  • The careful use of compliments // McCall Smith, Alexander
  • The first commandment // Thor, Brad

New Nonfiction @ the Bookmobile

  • Global warning //LaHaye, Tim F.
  • Justice in the burbs//Samson, Will
  • Jesus freaks//
  • Great book of tattoo designs // Irish, Lora S.
  • Holly Clegg's trim & terrific diabetic cookbook//Clegg, Holly Berkowitz
  • The low-cholesterol cookbook //Ilies, Angelika
  • 5 spices, 50 dishes//Kahate, Ruta
  • Freehand perspective and sketching //Norton, Dora Miriam
  • Great animal drawings and prints //
  • Kovels' American collectibles, 1900-2000 //Kovel, Ralph M.
  • Lost history//Morgan, Michael Hamilton

New Biographies @ the Bookmobile

  • You can run but you can't hide // Chapman, Duane
  • It's all about him // Jackson, Denise
  • Happy endings // Norton, Jim
  • The book of David // Steinberg, David
  • Harriet Tubman // Lowry, Beverly
  • The slaves' champion, or, A sketch of William Wilberforce // Wheeler, Henry

Welcome to Bookmobile 2.0

Welcome to Bookmobile 2.0, a blog about the Bookmobile of the Library System of Lancaster County (PA). With Bookmobile 2.0 we hope to share with you, our readers and collaborators, information and links that you will find useful or entertaining or even both. We’ll be pushing out lists of our new books and dvds. We’ll be inviting you to send us reviews of your most recent reads and views. We’ll publish the occasional photo or video to make it all more interesting.

For those of you wondering about our name, we consider it to be aspirational as opposed to descriptive. We’re a late arrival on the 2.0 learning curve, so bear that in mind as we find our way. More information about what 2.0 means can be found in Wikipedia. Yesterday, Bookmobile 2.0 was just a dream; today it is born; the fullness of time will see its maturation. We’ll need you every step of the way.