Friday, April 4, 2008

Ingenius Amish

I was running late and hoping to make up some time. Traffic had slowed to a crawl. What on earth was going on? Finally, the long line of traffic ahead of me cleared and I could see what the hold up was. A buggy with a box at least the size of a queen sized mattress strapped on top. Trust me, I wasn't the only one gawking. My camera was handy to I snapped this pic while waiting for my chance to pass. (I do not recommend this for non-professionals!)

Yesterday, the was a picture I did not get and wish I had. A curious parade pulled into the lane where we were parked. Leading the way was Sadie on a scooter. Behind her was her husband in a motorized wheel chair. Hitched to the chair was a wagon in which a little boy and a little white dog happily rode. On the back of the wagon was attached a "slow moving vehicle" triangle. I asked Sadie if her husband would have trouble pulling the wagon back up the hill. She just laughed, "oh, he's pulled much bigger wagons up that hill already!"

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