Friday, December 14, 2007

FAQ - How do you keep your feet warm?

Anyone who has ever spent a winter's day on a Bookmobile knows that keeping your feet warm is a challenge. The thin flooring material and carpet are no match for cold temps and a howling wind, even with the heat blasting. In fact, the bookmobile itself can be quite comfortable, but it is still nearly impossible to keep your feet warm. Unless, that is, you know an old Amishman's trick. Plastic bags. If you just can't get warm, take off your shoes, slip some plastic bags over your feet and put your shoes back on. Bread sacks work great, but any old plastic bag will work in a pinch. If you are fashion conscious, take a scissors and trim the bag off at the top of your shoe like Becky has done in the photo below.


Mark said...

Bread sacks are also great trick for cycling, where extra weight matters and the feet don't get as much circulation as the rest of the body.

Benny said...

Hey guys. Do you put the plastic bags right on you feet, or do you put them over your socks?