Tuesday, November 20, 2007

New Fiction @ the Bookmobile

Stone cold // Baldacci, David
Kissing Christmas goodbye// Beaton, M. C.
The tell-tale horse // Brown, Rita Mae
Book of the dead // Cornwell, Patricia
The chase // Cussler, Clive
Protect and defend // Flynn, Vince
World without end // Follett, Ken
Dead heat // Francis, Dick
Playing for pizza // Grisham, John
Finding Father Christmas // Gunn, Robin Jones
A spot of bother// Haddon, Mark
A lick of frost // Hamilton, Laurell K.
Pandora's daughter // Johansen, Iris
Home to Holly Springs // Karon, Jan
Between Sundays // Kingsbury, Karen
A Christmas visitor // Kinkade, Thomas
Mark's story // LaHaye, Tim F.
The parting // Lewis, Beverly
Rhett Butler's people // McCaig, Donald
Bloodfever // Moning, Karen Marie
Blonde faith // Mosley, Walter
Now and then // Parker, Robert B.
Bones to ashes // Reichs, Kathy
Creation in death //Robb, J. D.
Exit ghost // Roth, Philip
Bridge of sighs // Russo, Richard
Dark of the moon //Sandford, John
Beginnings //Sawyer, Kim Vogel
The almost moon // Sebold, Alice
The choice //Sparks, Nicholas
Amazing grace // Steel, Danielle
Every secret thing // Tatlock, Ann
Shoot him if he runs // Woods, Stuart
The Wednesday letters // Wright, Jason F.

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