Tuesday, October 30, 2007

New Nonfiction @ the Bookmobile

Slightly bad girls of the Bible
// Higgs, Liz Curtis.
A treasury of Christmas miracles // Kingsbury, Karen.
The nine // Toobin, Jeffrey.
Mozart and the whale // Newport, Jerry.
Plain secrets // Mackall, Joe.
The book of werewolves // Baring-Gould, S.
Desk reference to nature's medicine // Foster, Steven
Dangerous encounters-- avoiding perilous situations with autism // Davis, Bill
Louder than words // McCarthy, Jenny
Breaking autism's barriers // Davis, Bill
Entrepreneur's notebook // Gold, Steven K.
I am America (and so can you!) // Colbert, Stephen
The coldest winter // Halberstam, David.
National geographic almanac of American history // Miller, James
Celebrity detox // O'Donnell, Rosie
My grandfather's son //Thomas, Clarence

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